CAN I GET YOU ANYTHING to drink? Water? Coffee? That nice kombucha from TARGET?

My name is Ana. I'm a designer by way of a Bachelor’s in Psychology and an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

After completing my graduate program, I realized that my goal as a person and as a professional was not to focus on problems, but rather on creating purposeful, responsible solutions. I wanted the opportunity to make small, positive impacts on people's day to day lives, instead of meeting with them once a week. I wanted to help them achieve their goals in nimble, non-intrusive ways.

I’ve been in the world of Social Sciences for the past decade, learning everything from research to therapeutic approaches. I bring those skills into my work to craft experiences that are rooted in my love for what makes us human. We're weird, messy, wonderful—and design should honor this.

When I'm not doing UX I'm usually trying to become better at illustration, looking for ways to be nicer to the environment (I used to live in Texas; seeing a recycling bin was like seeing a UFO!), talking to my dogs as if they were human, and/or obsessing over David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

I also love meeting new people and drinking coffee like it’s not one of the leading causes of heartburn. If you'd ever like to talk psychology and/or design, feel free to reach out anytime!